Insights, analytics & optimisation

Every brand should adapt and evolve as their environments change, and you're no different. Whether we're building your visual identity or running a creative digital marketing campaign, we constantly measure, learn and optimise our approach so that we're always improving what we do.


A/B testing

Testing the effectiveness of messaging and creative is critical in making the most of every marketing campaign. From the channels we use and the tactics within those channels to the ad headlines and imagery we use when running campaigns. We A/B test the things that can help give your campaigns the margins they need to outperform competitors.


Data analysis and digital analytics

Within every campaign it's critical to properly analyse the data that's generated from them in order to make the best decisions moving forward. Our team are experts in pattern recognition and synthesizing marketing and user data to help brush aside the noise generated from every campaign and really get to the heart of what matters. Whether it's social listening data, Google Analytics conversion patters or search engine analytics, we can help you make sense of any data stream and turn it in to real narrative and actionable insight.

For many clients we deliver stand-alone data analysis and audit projects across a range of marketing channels and touchpoints, but data analysis cuts through the heart of every brand and marketing campaign we run.


User research and user testing

Understanding who your audience is and what their behaviour patterns are online is a complex question. Through on and off-site user testing we can not only understand how your users and customers interact with your digital touchpoints, but also understand what their interests are, where they spend their time digitally and what types of content they are most likely to engage with.

From an on-site perspective, our teams use robust testing protocols when launching any new site. Our digital marketing, design and development teams work incredibly closely to help plan and measure the results of testing both before and after deployment.


Campaign reporting

At Three Part Story, we take a 'narrative-driven' approach to marketing campaign reporting. In really simple terms this means that we focus on explaining what the data we generate means, why it is important and what we can do about it. We don't ask our clients to do our job for us, and it's important we focus your time (as much as ours) on the insights that matter most.

We're extremely flexible in how we deliver performance reporting across any marketing channel but love to work in as visual and engaging a way as we possibly can, focussing only on the most important, actionable information to make your life easy.

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