Putting brands in the spotlight

An outstanding new field marketing brand for a specialist sales and marketing business.


Avidity required a new brand to help broaden their field marketing services.

The new business would become a sister brand to McCurrach, another one of our clients, helping brands to maximise their everyday sales potential by ensuring their products are visible and available to consumers.


Part one

The name

We created numerous name options and two strong contenders emerged.

We began crafting a story for each of the potential names and these separate narratives led us to develop different executions for each. Brand personalities and characteristics were explored along with different brand executions across print, outdoor advertising, digital and social media.

The name which eventually took the spotlight was Standout.


Part two

The brand

Standout had to live up to its name and be bold, confident, and vibrant.

The brand mark was formed by using a series of four vibrant 'spotlights' – each representing strategy, agile resourcing, customer knowledge and innovation, which aligned with Standout’s brand character. The mark was twinned with a strong bold font to add extra emphasis to the whole identity.

The spotlight metaphor visually highlighted Standout’s approach of shining a light onto brands, making them the star of the show, and helping consumer brands gain attention.


The style

In conjunction with the vibrant new brand, we created a similarly attention grabbing brand book which included tone of voice guidelines, key messaging, and various bold brand executions.

For digital, the website helped showcase the business’s capabilities to the fullest. Using the bright colour palette developed for the identity, the website conveyed confidence coupled with the use of energetic graphics inspired by spotlight theme.


Part three

The results

We helped bring the Standout brand to life, shining a light on their capabilities and services.

In turn as a business, they are looking to appeal to a broader range of sectors, putting brands in the spotlight and helping them Standout from their competitors.

Checkout our website for Standout.

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