Part bicycle. Part philosophy. All recycled Nespresso pods.

Part one

The brief

Vélosophy are a Swedish bicycle brand. The only one in the world with a one for one promise; for every Vélosophy sold, they donate another bicycle to a schoolgirl in a developing country.

01 Velosophy Close Up

Part two

The work

Nespresso has partnered with the Swedish start-up to create a design grounded in sustainability that brings the potential of recycling our aluminium coffee capsules to life.

What's also amazing is that the Vélosophy bicycle is made almost entirely from recycled Nespresso capsules! Yip, those pods that most of us probably cast into our non-recycling waste bins thinking they cannot be recycled … wrong!

02 1 Velosophy Video Still

Putting life in motion

Giving a girl in a developing country a bicycle will increase her attendance in school by around 30% and improves her results by up to 60%. This is one of the inspirations behind Vélosophy that quite literally proves they live their brand promise; Putting Life in Motion. We think that’s AMAZING!

02 Velosophy Photography

The Film

To help promote this amazing story our very own superstar Colin Horn worked with influencer Natasha Callan producing photography and this film tell the story of the collaboration between these two amazing progressive brands and how and where you can recycle your used Nespresso capsules.

03 Velosophy Photographyl

Let's tell a brilliant story.

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